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Commercial Buildings

At Melbourne Advanced Painting we've been painting Commercial Buildings across Melbourne for over 25 years.

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Commercial painting services | Melbourne Advanced Painting

Commercial painting services are always needed, especially in Melbourne, where businesses are continuously expanding their infrastructure. At Melbourne Advanced Painting, we aim to provide the best quality work to our customers for their offices, as well as designing beautiful businesses that you can be proud to call home. Our professionals here have over 25 years of experience in creating these art forms, and we bring the same effort to all of our jobs, regardless of the clients. Commercial painting companies in Melbourne have always been around, and we provide the best quality work and services on the marketplace. This is obvious to see with our many positive testimonials, as well as the experience you will have when working with us. We believe in providing various aspects that make up quality commercial painters in Melbourne, and we aim to provide these aspects which we believe make up the best commercial painting companies in Melbourne.

We strive to provide:

– Reliable commercial house painters who will stay in constant communication with you throughout the progression of the job

-Quality work and design that you can be proud to call your business’s home

-Safety as a priority in the work environment, ensuring no accidents will occur on the job

-Great designs for any type of business which is sure to fit your environment

-Excellent customer service throughout the entire process from designing to the end product


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Trusted professionals with significant experience

Here at Melbourne Advanced Painting, we provide professional commercial painters in Melbourne who have over 25 years of experience in creating masterpieces. Our reputation and reviews reflect this experience, as numerous businesses have reported positive experiences with our commercial painting services and are proud to call our work home. Because our professionals have the qualifications and experience in this market, you can ensure that you will be receiving quality service where deadlines will be met, incredible designs will be produced, and quality work will be received that will last through the ages. For trusted professionals amongst the many of commercial painting companies in Melbourne, come to us here at Melbourne Advanced Painting.

Regular updates on the progress

Constant communication and regular updates are essential to tracking the progress of your job and meeting set deadlines. Being able to do this is the hallmark of any significant commercial painting company in Melbourne, and we can provide these aspects. We believe in regularly contacting our clients to ensure they stay in the loop regarding how their job is tracking and what has been completed. From the initial designing stages to work in progress timeline to the completion of the project, we will be there with you every step of the way. Our commercial house painters are trained to remain in constant communication with you, and you will see this when you present interest in our commercial painting services.

High-quality designs and work

The designing stages are essential for any commercial painting services, as this will determine the colour scheme and what vibe you want to express through your office. In our projects, you will see only high-quality work produced. We have a tremendous amount of experience providing these services to businesses and know how to create them efficiently and effectively. While being able to meet deadlines, you will also see that the end products will last for a considerable amount of time. Too many commercial painting services in Melbourne provide work that needs to be maintained and repaired in a short period, costing you more in the long term. By delivering high-quality work in the first place, you can love the design and sleep well, knowing it will last throughout the years.


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We aim to provide the best level of service to our customers, and we can be contacted online or through the phone within an instant. If you are a business looking for commercial painting services in Melbourne, then look no further than us here at Melbourne Advanced Painting. Our commercial house painters are qualified, trained, and significantly experienced to give you the best possible experience and provide quality work for your commercial painting services needs. By contacting us, you are starting a journey with our company in which you will receive excellent service, constant communication, and regular updates, as well as a beautiful end product you can be proud of.


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