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House Painting Camberwell

Inside and out - painting of substance

House painting Camberwell. This is a task to be undertaken by highly experienced professionals. This perfectly describes our team here at Melbourne Advanced Painting; making use of our quarter of a century of experience to deliver successful exterior and interior painting outcomes.

Knowing our suburbs intimately, and we are based in Camberwell, means that we understand the climatic conditions, neighbourhood vibe, and much more. This is vital knowledge for house painting. Camberwell offers a home to over 20,000 residents; but we treat each client as an individual, each property as a unique opportunity. This means that we take time to fully understand how you would wish your home to be; and are happy to work with your plans, or offer some helpful suggestions for you to consider.

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House Painters Camberwell

Local experts delivering perfect outcomes

House painters Camberwell, part of our extensive team, truly understand what they are doing. This is true for well established as well as new build properties. When we undertake a project for you we will:


Keep to an agreed schedule


Minimise any disruption


Match skilled effort with a commitment to excellence


Respect both people and property


Use proven world-class paint products for lasting results


Clean-up with awesome thoroughness at completion

Unlike many of those DIY house painters Camberwell projects, which can clutter a home for months, we arrive when promised; work to the highest of standards, and complete the project as quickly as possible.

Our commitment to a standard of professional excellence is absolute. Because of this, and for many other reasons, a wide range of our brilliant clients offer glowing testimonials, and choose our Melbourne Advanced Painting team for future work. They also regularly provide introductions to work colleagues, other family members, and close friends.

Residential Painter Camberwell

Helping create the ambience you’ve always wanted

Residential painter Camberwell, from our experienced team, knows that your home is so precious to you. This means it is vital that we always treat it, and those who live there, with professional respect. We both protect your furnishings and respect all your possessions.

Equally, safety is also a key consideration, for your family, our own people, and, for external jobs, those simply walking by. This is where our 25+ years of experience comes to the fore. We understand the needs of both awkward locations and differing height constraints.

Here at family-run Melbourne Advanced Painting, we have a simple philosophy: no job is ever complete until the client is satisfied! From a starting conversation, followed by an obligation-free quotation, to skilled work and professional clean-up, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

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